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HOLYGOOD Announce Return With New Killing Giants EP

30th November 2020

London’s HOLYGOOD (formerly known as Light You Up) are pleased to announce their return with new EP Killing Giants set for release next year on 22nd January 2021.

As a first taste of the new material, the band are today sharing an official lyric video for the title track and lead single ‘Killing Giants’ which is out now on all good DSPs.

Produced by Evil Genius and front man Thomas Napier, mixed by Elliot Polokoff, and mastered by EC Mastering, the single is a bold and forward-thinking new sound from the quartet, who are pushing at the boundaries of their pop-rock sound in a post-genre world. 

The track features legendary US electronic musician and DJ Tony Humphries, one of the earliest proponents of house music, instrumental in spreading the genre on both sides of the Atlantic.

Commenting on the track, front man Thomas Napier said: “The song is essentially about questioning the idea of happiness. It was written whilst I was in a very negative headspace, questioning why I, and in turn others, engage in self-destructive behaviours, in the hope that this will lead us to the impossible destination of happiness. Happiness is, of course, not a destination, rather a part of the ups and downs of life. The lyric ‘you’re killing giants in your dreams’ is a way of saying ‘your current headspace is destructive’, as to kill something so rare would be an awful thing to do. Your mindset is violently negative and volatile, and in this state, can you really be happy?”

Following on from a string of standalone singles released over the past two years, the forthcoming EP is the band’s first full collection of songs to be released under their new guise. Dealing with a particularly difficult patch of negative emotion for Napier, the EP serves as a cathartic release for the band, and a chance to focus on the future by releasing those feelings into the world. “Far too often we shy away from our own negativity,” he explains, “almost as if we are afraid of it. These songs allowed me to face my own negative thoughts head on.”

Whether it’s examining their place in the modern world on ‘Bath Salts’—as they wonder whether there’s still a home among contemporary music for their art—or lamenting missed chances and lost connections on ‘Moving Mountains’, Killing Giants is a record about self-acceptance, confronting your own shortcomings and failures, and picking yourself up and moving on.

With an admirable passion and resilience amidst what they call their “mundane and miserable” British surroundings, HOLYGOOD specialise in mountainous pop melodies with a melancholy twist, courtesy of songwriter and enigmatic frontman Thomas Napier.

Playing their first ever run of shows supporting pop-rock giants Busted on their 2019 UK arena tour including a show at the legendary Wembley Arena, and with members that in former bands have toured with the likes of Don BrocoPvris, and State Champs, HOLYGOOD already have a pedigree that’s hard to deny, even at this fledgling stage. 

Landing themselves on official Spotify playlists New Punk Tracks and Pop Punk’s Not Dead, and with support from Rock SoundPunktasticAlt Corner and many more, it’s looking like an increasingly promising start to 2021 for the quartet as they go from strength to strength.

New EP Killing Giants is released 22nd January 2021

‘Killing Giants’ artwork: