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Introducing: New Romantic Newcomer KATIE WOOD

1st April 2020

London songwriter—New Romantic/art rock lovechild—Katie Wood, is pleased to announce that her debut single ‘Steve’ will be released on 20th March 2020 via Kerry On The Cake.

Accompanied by a video directed by Kristian Fitsall, Wood comments on the single: “I wrote ‘Steve’ when I was in the shower—I had the hook ‘I’m losing control’ and I accidentally sung the name Steve. As soon as that happened I knew what the song would be about. The whole sound pretty much came together in my head, I had spent a lot of last year learning how to produce, so I just decided to make something sound exactly how I would want to hear it.”

“I’m a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy movies, especially the older stuff—Labyrinth starring David Bowie is my favourite—so I wanted to reference that in the video, with the idea that I was gradually regaining power throughout.”

In keeping with her heart-on-sleeve approach to songwriting and lyricism, Wood’s debut offering ‘Steve’ champions finding your inner power and realising your self-worth, bringing a captivating vulnerability to her work by channeling her own lived experiences so sincerely.

Inhabiting a New Romantic aesthetic that lands powerfully amongst the realm of fantasy—drenched in both nostalgia and eccentricity—Wood tells tales of love, hate, and how the two can so often intertwine. As a result, ‘Steve’ is a truly magnetic, satirical masterpiece of pop song writing, with a definitive nod to the gods of Glam, with a Tears For Fears-style extravagance.

Wood’s musical journey began when she moved to London in her late teens to study songwriting at the Institute of Contemporary Music, subsequently spending the majority of her time shying away from her peers and often feeling confined to her room. 

Self-produced in her bedroom (mixed by Isaac Ashby and mastered by Joe Caithness) Wood’s material pays nostalgic tribute to a musical era packed with post glam and soft rock hits—a reflection of her childhood brought up listening to her heroes Blondie and Paul Weller. Citing the likes of Tears For Fears, Kate Bush, and Jeff Buckley as some of her biggest musical influences, Wood’s effortlessly charming songs are perfect modern day examples of how to write an understated, timeless classic.

Her music has so far picked up a flurry of early support from Abbie Mac on BBC Introducing Kent and a host of excited blogs including LOUD WOMEN, American Pancake, Where The Music Meets, Sounds Good, and She Makes Music.

Further new music and live dates TBA.

Katie Woods’ new single Steve is released 20th March 2020 on Kerry On The Cake

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