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KNOMAD SPOCK Confronts Patriarchal Attitudes On New Single ‘Ballad’ Out Now

2nd March 2021

British-Somali poet, rapper and neofolk singer-songwriter Knomad Spock is delighted to reveal the details of his sublime and ambitious debut album, Winter Of Discontent.

Set for release on 23rd April 2021, the album will be available on 12” vinyl via Hinterland Creative—a new label formed as part of LIFE drummer Stewart Baxter’s platform for creative projects, collaborations, artistic outlet, music, and design from a handpicked collective of northern artists.

Preorders are live now: https://knomadspock.bandcamp.com/album/winter-of-discontent

Alongside revealing details of the album, latest single ‘Ballad’ is out now on all good digital service providers. Stream and share here: https://ffm.to/ballad

Commenting on the track, Knomad Spock said: “Josef Ngoy (known as Yusuf) could write poems in three languages despite no formal education. His poetry described his life as a child soldier, and his travels across dozens of countries to get to the UK. The lyrics of this song are based on conversations we had about how trauma can alienate you from your loved ones. It resonates with the experiences of many who have suffered PTSD as a result of war, and how in most patriarchal societies there are expectations to just get on with it.”

“Most of my relatives in the UK endured a brutal war in Somalia and there was something about Yusuf’s attempt to embrace his pain that always stuck with me. I’m not even sure if Yusuf is still alive—if you are, and are reading this, this one’s for you brother!”

Previously-released singles ‘Papillon’ and ‘Egypt’ have picked up a ground-swell of enthusiastic early support from Lauren Laverne and Tom Robinson at BBC 6music, John Kenney at Radio X, and Adam Walton at BBC Wales, alongside press from EQUATE Magazine, AFROPUNK, GoldFlakePaint, Come Play With me, For The Rabbits and more.

His first neo-folk release, Knomad Spock’s genuinely stunning forthcoming debut album is a raw and majestic expression of artistic vulnerability; a genre-blending artistic statement of intent. With comparisons to Kid A-era RadioheadGrizzly Bear‘s Yellow House, a backstory to parallel Bon Iver‘s For Emma Forever, and the forward-thinking production of Frank Ocean, the record is as interesting as it is beautiful.

Spock wrote the spine of the album over a period of ten years, in between and during working in the Middle East, Muay Thai training in Thailand, training to join a Sufi Order in East Africa, learning Spanish in Andalucia and moving between Hull, Cardiff, London and Bristol in the interim.

These songs were never supposed to be recorded, but after a particularly severe episode of depression, Spock booked a cottage for a fortnight on the Isle of Lismore, and at the very last minute decided to take his guitar with him. While on the island, Spock claims that a series of mystical experiences transformed the songs and their lyrics. He then booked himself into the nearest studio, which happened to be Jamie Smith’s St. Mary’s Space. 

Spock and Smith hit it off immediately, and within four days of recording, Smith had produced an album featuring drums, bass, intricate orchestral arrangements and additional effects. Spock puts it down to providence: “I was meant to bring you your songs to finish, Jamie”, he often said throughout the sessions.

Following such a fruitful partnership, Spock and producer Jamie Smith are currently already planning the sessions for the follow up record.

Debut album Winter Of Discontent is released 23rd April 2021 via Hinterland Creative

Winter Of Discontent tracklist:

1. Papillon
2. Gift
3. Egypt
4. Spirit Level
5. Know
6. Sensei Sean
7. Lost Souls
8. Poles
10. Maps