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NELSON CAN Announce Solo Desire: Collaboration Project

15th May 2020

Danish electro/goth indie rock trio Nelson Can are today announcing the Solo Desire: Remix Together collaboration project—an initiative to use their own audience and streaming channels to provide an opportunity for artists and musicians to further support themselves financially at this difficult time.

After disbanding earlier this year, the threepiece are providing open-source access to the stems from their final album So Long Desire, and encouraging fellow artists and producers to submit their own remixes of tracks from the record.

All submissions will then be released on a 50/50 royalty split with contributors, who the trio hope will benefit from the band’s existing profile and audience.

Terms and conditions: http://www.nelsoncan.com 

Stems and assets are available to download here: http://tiny.cc/vlokoz

And contributors can submit their work to: https://forms.gle/SaKnk2kx5GTngV1FA 

The deadline for submissions is midnight on 21st May 2020.

Commenting on the idea, the band say: “Times like these call for creative thinking. We disbanded in January so we don’t really need the publicity, but a lot of artists do. We want to offer the chance to other artists to use our platform; our name, our music and our access to fans and followers, to generate revenue for themselves. Really, it’s a no-brainer. We have something that could be valuable to others, and we are currently not using it, so why on earth shouldn’t we just allow others to use it?”

“It’s important to us to make clear that this is not charity; it’s about sharing and collaboration. The artists who join the project will receive credit and royalties for their work and can hopefully use it to add to the progression of their own career.”

So Long Desire was released earlier this year on Alcopop! Records and was Nelson Can’s first album in six years. Their maturation as both musicians and songwriters over the course of their career can be heard strikingly in the evolution of this, their final record together. 

Since parting ways, the members of Nelson Can are all embarking on new musical projects. Front woman Selina Gin has taken up the mantle as producer and lyricist in her solo project ‘SELINA GIN’, where she creates beautiful soundscapes to envelope her sometimes delicate, sometimes earth-shattering, voice in chameleonic fashion. She had her debut live performance as a solo artist supporting The National last November. 

Bassist Signe SigneSigne and drummer Maria Juntunen are both also working on new projects, with details TBA.

Solo Desire: Remixed Together will be released 19th June 2020