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Greer have come a long way in a short amount of time. The Orange County rock quartet’s second EP release in the last 18 months, Happy People, is four tracks packed with killer riffs and air-tight songwriting that suggest a band well beyond their years in the best way, while also possessing an unmistakable youthful exuberance. A follow-up to last year’s Lullaby For You EP, Happy People represents a leap forward in Greer’s sound and offers a tantalising peek into what these four musicians will be capable of in the years to come.

A few buzz-building singles followed; after the band signed to Epitaph, they hit the studio with legendary producer Rob Schnapf to record the five songs on Lullaby For You—an expansive and breezy collection of tunes recalling classic-era indie rock and carrying a distinctively wistful air. After its release, Greer got back to work on writing for what would become Happy People.

After productive demoing, they got in the studio with studio vet John Congleton to lay down the spiky, full-bodied four tracks that make up Happy People. Bearing the mark of classic power-pop acts like Elvis Costello and Big Star, the thematic bent of Happy People was partially borne out from the COVID-19 pandemic but is packed with truisms that are relatable at any point in time. One thing’s for sure after hearing Happy People: Greer will have no trouble exciting their listeners for years to come.