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Drawing inspiration from her ethnic roots, together with producer Andrew Hunt, Kudo has created a unique Scandinavian-Asian sound that embraces hip-hop attitude, a dash of ‘50s orchestration, and chanting tribal choirs, always with her impeccable lead vocal front and centre. Her music is vibrant yet subtle, with a feminine power akin to artists such as St. Vincent, Fiona Apple, and Kimbra.

"We wanted to create something new,” says producer Andrew Hunt. “Sophisticated and credible, yet still pop. The songs are recorded with a musical depth and we worked hard at the songwriting; lyrics with something to say, verses that allowed complexity, balanced with choruses so catchy they’ll stick in your head all day."

IDA KUDO has already made a name for herself internationally with her debut IDA KUDO EP, and her follow up Gold EP, along with several standalone singles. She has supported Sting in Austria, and played at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, plus JAJAJA in Berlin and London.

Other London gigs include The Lexington, The Old Blue Last, The Paper Dress Vintage and Sofar Sounds. She’s performed at XpoNorth in Scotland, Welcome to the Village in the Netherlands, as well as SPOT, Distortion and Pride in Denmark.

Her music has been played on BBC Introducing, on Danish national radio P6 and she’s had airplay in Germany and France. She’s been featured in GAFFA, Clash Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine and Ja Ja Ja Music amongst others. In addition, her previous releases; ’Gold', 'Jinx' and 'Wolf' have been used in several TV series, including Netflix's 'Selling Sunsets' and in major international campaigns for Starbucks, Victoria's Secret, Facebook, Riott Games and Audi, among others.