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There’s been a Last Hyena-sized residence carved into the South West alternative scene for some years now. After kicking things off at Falmouth University and relocating to Bristol some years later, the trio have so far self-released two EPs (2017s Self-Titled and 2018’s I Remember The Future) to much acclaim.

The band launched themselves head-first into the UK live circuit with a co-headline tour alongside All The Best Tapes, a support tour with Hypophora and performances alongside scene stalwarts Delta Sleep, Tangled Hair, Thank You Scientist, Slow Crush, Poly-Math and many more, firmly cementing them as ones to watch from the latest crop of UK underground progressive bands.

Peddling proggy math tunes with a big ol' smile, their jagged, rhythmic music is jazz-fueled and cerebral, but never falls into the trap of taking itself too seriously.