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The Stayawakes Announce Debut Album ‘Dogs And Cats / Living Together’ Out 11th June 2018

3rd April 2018

Southsea punk band THE STAYAWAKES are delighted to announce their debut album ‘Dogs And Cats / Living Together’ will be released through Surefire Discs, BadHORROR and ShoveItUpYourCult Records on Monday 11th June 2018.

To celebrate the release the band have shared a new track from the album, entitled ‘Keepsakes’ which you can listen to and stream here: https://thestayawakes.bandcamp.com/track/keepsakes-2.

Commenting on the track, Vocalist/Guitarist Andrew Ricks said:
“Keepsakes was the first song I wrote for The Stayawakes. We had at this stage started jamming together with Superchunk and Posies covers. I demoed this myself, played drums and Ed from The Boy I Used To Be played bass. I was definitely listening to a lot to ‘Oh Tahoe’ by Beezewax at the time but it doesn’t really sound like them at least not on this version! Lyrically the themes are about getting back together with old friends, smoking and chilling on a drive home. Fun fact – I ‘borrowed’ the ‘rowdy friends have settled down’ part from an Elliott Smith cover of the Hank Williams song!”

“Keepsakes is one of our older songs and remains a band favourite. It was an important song for us when we were defining our sound; we wanted to maintain the energy we were accustomed to in our former bands, but give more importance to the melody. The result was a thickly layered guitar tone of power chords and harmonizing octave chords (a technique stolen from Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream) on top of a full-on drum workout, with a strong vocal melody soaring over the top,” added guitarist, Peter Foulk.

The Stayawakes will be touring in support of Dogs And Cats / Living Together throughout summer with several festival appearances planned and a further run of tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

13th April – Edge of the Wedge, Southsea
14th April – Washed Out Festival, Brighton
17th May – LJR, Southsea
19th May – ‘Royal Bedding Day’ Festival, Southsea
11th July – Heartbreakers, Southampton
4th August – Wickham Festival

‘Dogs And Cats / Living Together’ will be released Monday 11th June through Surefire Discs, badHORROR Recordings and ShoveItUpYourCult Records and will be available digitally from all good online retailers as well as on CD, cassette and vinyl formats.