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BIGKARMA Reveal Writhing New Single ‘Mr.Clean’ Released 1st July 2022 via Ranch Records

1st July 2022

Essex/Kent alt-rock newcomers BigKarma are pleased to reveal their writhing, groove-laden new single ‘Mr.Clean’ set for release on 1st July 2022 via Ranch Records.

Commenting on the track, front man Thomas Reynolds says: ‘Mr. Clean is a song about deceit. Sometimes the people you least expect are the ones taking the most from you, and doing it with a smile. They will tell you what you want to hear, gaslight you and isolate you and move on when you’ve nothing left to give.”

A potent blend of head-swimming dissonance and serotonin-inducing hooks, BigKarma announce their arrival with an aura of menace and melody. Marrying the desert heat of classic Americana with the grey skies of Essex and Kent, this is a band who create a world of their own like few others.

Reynolds explains the whole concept of BigKarma as being all about “The unknown. The disjointed. The unhinged. The parts of yourself you deny. embracing chaos and flirting with the strange.”

A band with true vision is a special thing, especially when it aligns with the vision of both producer Neil Kennedy (The Ranch) and label Ranch Records. “We want to make the ‘odd’ major league,” exalts Reynolds, “Bring mystery back to the genre; to make music bigger than ourselves.”

Commenting on signing and working with the band, producer and label manager Neil Kennedy says: “​​BigKarma are a special band bringing together so many, often disparate, elements. They have a vision but encourage experimentation and creativity, channel their influences but look for inspiration from unique and unusual places, and pride themselves on individuality, both sonically and lyrically, where many others aim for conformity.”

Formed in 2020, brothers Gary and Wayne Summers join Reynolds to complete the power trio. Inspired by a veritable encyclopaedia of acts, BigKarma took the unusual approach of shaping their sound in the studio ahead of any performance or experience of ’hitting the road’ as a band. The results are an exciting collision of familiar guitar band dynamics married to pulsing and breathing atmospherics that add a sense of depth and nuance to the band’s sound.

Live dates and further music TBA over the coming months.

‘Mr. Clean’ is released 1st July 2022 via Ranch Records