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Jamie is head of online and print publicity for the roster. After attending the University of Liverpool to study Archaeology of Ancient Civilisations, he deferred his studies to follow his real passion in life when his fledgling band landed a record deal with Bad Religion imprint Epitaph Records. Following a short-lived career as a professional musician he began promoting rock shows independently in Liverpool, before moving into event management with Mama Group and various festivals.

Previous connections led him to a role in artist management and A&R where he worked closely with Marmozets, Decade and other burgeoning groups, eventually launching Wall of Sound PR in 2012. In 2019 he partnered with Bido Lito! and Merseyrail Soundstation’s artist development programme in Liverpool as part of their team of industry professionals delivering feedback and advice to young artists. He is also a freelance critic and has contributed to The Metro, Drowned In Sound, The Skinny, The 405, and many more publications over the years.

“Whilst we represent clients from a wide range of musical backgrounds, at its core Wall of Sound PR is based on a punk attitude – I care deeply about fostering a sense of community, working ethically and providing a fair deal for musicians and independent labels. A personal touch with members of the media, pride in our work, and a genuine passion for our clients ensure that we strive to provide the best service possible on every campaign we take on.”


You can contact Jamie directly on: jamie[at]wallofsoundpr.co.uk

Lee is our in-house radio plugger, regional publicist and streaming services playlist pitcher. As the drummer of Worcester punk’n’roll band Fights and Fires, Lee has an innate knowledge of the life of a touring DIY musician and is especially well connected to the European underground music scene. Starting out at independent punk label Lockjaw Records, he progressed to running Worcester-based company Saviour PR before joining Wall of Sound PR in September 2015.

“Having met hundreds and hundreds of musicians through touring, you quickly realize that bands are complex things. Bands are understanding, passionate and try incredibly hard to accomplish their goals, but rarely get a fair deal. Every band is different, has different aims and wants to achieve many different things throughout their career. I strive to offer bands a fair deal, work hard, achieve results and gain as much coverage as I can. No jargon and no false promises.”

You can contact Lee directly on: lee[at]wallofsoundpr.co.uk