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Environmental Policy and Action Plan

At present Wall Of Sound PR has three staff members who work from independent offices around the UK in Liverpool, Worcester and Lincoln. A large proportion of our work is undertaken online, however there are times when travel is necessary for live music events, festivals, meetings, networking and conferences. 

Climate change is real and it is directly influenced by human activity. It requires changes not only from those in positions of power and wealth, but also from the ground up. We want to make ambitious commitments to make sure our business has a positive impact on the planet which is why we are joining our peers in the music industry in declaring a climate emergency. We want to use our platform and network to bring about positive environmental change. 

Our Ambition

Wall of Sound PR is fully committed to minimising any negative environmental impacts that arise from our operations and to maximise all opportunities for us to have a positive environmental impact.  We will operate in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and we will strive to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do. Furthermore we will strive to make environmental discussion a key and natural part of our operations, communicating with both our staff and our clients about ways that we can improve. 


We recognise the role that our business has to play in the protection of the environment in which we live, and also the impact that our operations can have. 

From the impact of live tours both nationally and internationally, to the production of physical records and merchandise, the music industry bears a weight of responsibility for our day to day activities and the harm that it can cause. As key parties in many of these discussions and plans, we recognise that we can have a positive impact by bringing to the table alternative ideas and opportunities that reduce harm to the environment and foster positive changes. 

Closer to home, within our own operations there are ways that we currently impact on the environment, whether through travel to work, meetings and gigs, the way we provide energy to our workspaces, or to the means by which we choose to promote our artists. This is why we are standing in solidarity with Music Declares Emergency to declare our environmental policy and mission statement as follows:

Mission statement

1.) Make environmental concerns a key part of our daily decision making.

Communicate effectively our environmental commitment to clients and partners seeking to engage them on these issues.

3.) Minimise our waste and reuse and recycle as much of it as possible.

Minimise our own travel and look for ways to reduce the environmental impact or carbon offset that impact when travel is unavoidable.

5.) Minimise energy and water use in our workspaces.

6.) Aim to only purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment.

7.) Seek to engage with leading environmental campaigns and work with third-parties that have positive environmental policies and portfolios.

8.) Train, educate and inform our employees about any environmental issues that may affect their work.

As a small team of remote workers, we are all responsible for enacting these changes in our day to day routines and in our workspaces. Our policy will be reviewed annually and updated in line with current best-practices and advice from leading environmental organisations. 

To find out more about Music Declares Emergency, click here: https://www.musicdeclares.net/