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Cardiff’s XL LIFE (ex Astroid Boys) Cut Through Segregating Labels In ‘Noise’ Video

2nd July 2021

Powerpunk/hardcore newcomers XL LIFE are proud to reveal the video for their forthcoming new single ‘Noise’ released 13th July 2021 via Gallows’ record label Venn Records.

Commenting on the track, the band say: “‘Noise’ is an anthem to cut through the information overload and labelling that we all endure, day in and day out. A person’s received societal labels shape their identity and dictate their future beliefs, choices, and goals. This track was written to override the segregation that these labels bring and to remind us to listen to our inner voice of reason during times filled with so much noise.”

The single comes with a forward thinking and artistic abstract dance-led video starring Tayluh Smith, produced and directed by the band’s frontman Traxx, and shot by Nick Wotton at Redbrick Production. 

Commenting on the shoot, Traxx says: “I wanted to really capture the insanity of misinformation and information overload in today’s society, so we collaborated with abstract dancer Tayluh Smith to capture and translate the emotion of the song onto camera. I directed the video so that the song is in her head and the lyrics are her thoughts as she goes through a 24 hour rollercoaster as a young mind in today’s noisy society. Set in the backdrop of a Cardiff council estate she wakes up and fights to hear her inside voice and find her inner peace whilst stomping through the city.”

Based in Cardiff, the band came to life when former Astroid Boys frontman Traxx joined former bandmate Lewis and drummer Jasper at their regular jam sessions last year. The boys sensed they were onto something special and in just a few months, XL LIFE went on to play a sell-out headline show at Cardiff venue MADE and released their debut four-track EP Sweet Moves.

Fusing a high-energy wall of sound with gut-punching riffs, hard-hitting drums and the inimitable vocals of Traxx, this thrilling purist punk/ hardcore band are proving themselves a force to be reckoned with.

Following the release of their 2020 standalone single ‘World Keeps Spinnin’’ (supported by Kerrang! Radio’s Alex Baker, who selected Traxx as the featured artist of the week), XL Life have been hard at work writing their forthcoming second EP, set for release later this year. 

During lockdown, the boys have been honing their songwriting abilities with razor-sharp incisive lyrics and bounce-inducing riffs, whilst still keeping a strong punk backbone and showcasing their considerable technical abilities.

Meanwhile the bands’ loyal fanbase continues to grow, not just in their home city of Cardiff but across the globe, with a burgeoning following in Malaysia’s hardcore punk scene. Traxx has already established himself as one of the alternative scene’s most energetic hype men—his natural ability has seen him command the crowd at hundreds of gigs around the globe, and now XL Life are primed and ready to deliver their high-octane sound to the world. 

‘Noise’ is released 13th July 2021 via Venn Records

XL LIFE live dates:

29.08.21 – London – Upsurge Fest
16.10.21 – Plymouth – Turbulence Festival

Noise artwork:

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