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CASSELS Announce New Single ‘A Snowflake In Winter’

16th May 2019

Fresh from a set at Brighton’s Bad Pond Festival, London duo CASSELS are pleased to announce their return with a brand new single titled ‘A Snowflake In Winter’, out now via Big Scary Monsters Recordings.

Listen HERE: https://youtu.be/egJNtX4b5V4

The band are currently putting the finishing touches to their eagerly-anticipated second album, set for release later this year, and will be heading out on a UK tour supporting Belgian trio à la mode BRUTUS in May 2019, before appearing at TRUCK Festival in the summer.

Commenting on the single, vocalist Jim Beck says: “I wrote the words for this song around the time of Trump’s inauguration. Like many people, I was rather shocked and dismayed by the result of the presidential election, not least because I’d spent the previous weeks watching erudite takedowns & reading expertly-worded polemics which, to my mind, had completely blown the now-President’s chance of election and left his reputation in tatters.”

Surely, Beck thought, no-one would be mad enough to vote for a pathological liar with tiny, kitten-grabbing hands? Except, of course, there were plenty of people mad enough (and, to be fair, rightfully frustrated enough) to vote for such a creature.

“I, like many other people, had been buried so deep inside an echo chamber,”continues Beck, “and so far up my own arse, that I’d failed to notice a lot of people don’t think the same way that I do. By surrounding myself in a comforting and comfortable liberal bubble populated by fellow circle-jerkers I’d been blindsided by events which didn’t unfold in the way I’d expected them to.

“The same thing happened with Brexit; I engaged with opinions I agreed with, all the while getting little hits of dopamine which made me feel like things were moving in the right direction. But they weren’t. And what did I do about it? I shared a f*cking Guardian article on social media; I regurgitated opinions to like-minded friends at the pub; I carried on living my life the same way I always had while proclaiming that ‘things needed to change’; I failed.

“In summary, this is a song about the failure of the liberal elite and namby-pamby snowflakes like myself. This song is probably about you. This song will change nothing. I hope you like it—please share it on social media if you do.”

The band are now gearing up to release their second full-length LP, with further details TBA over the coming months. Fans can sign up to the Cassels mailing list here to be the first to hear details of the new material:http://casselstheband.com/mailinglist

CASSELS Live Dates:

MAY 04 – Bristol – Exchange (w/ BRUTUS)
MAY 05 – Leeds – Hyde Park Book Club (w/ BRUTUS)
MAY 06 – Glasgow – Broadcast (w/ BRUTUS)
MAY 08 – London – Boston Music Room (w/ BRUTUS)
JUL 26 – Steventon – TRUCK Festival