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DBOY Reveal Video for Double-Single ‘Why Do You Only Luv a Dboy (who’s down)? / Thumbless’ Out Now

19th February 2020

Dboy, are sharing the video for their new double-single, “Why Do You Only Luv a Dboy (who’s down)? / Thumbless“. A rip-roaring, aural assault from the gimp-masked and satin clad punks, the single is the opening one-two punch from their new album, New Records In Human Power, out February 14th on Dine Alone Records.


On the single, the band said “Citizens of the world. With permission from the performance and recreation council, Dboy presents: ‘Why Do You Only Luv A Dboy (Who’s Down)?’ and ‘Thumbless’. As expressions of brevity and aesthetic ingenuity, the tracks are celebrations of the 13 point program to end sonic austerity, and therefore of the three wolves themselves. Such short plays for the pace age can be found on the forthcoming album, aptly titled ‘New Records In Human Power’. As the fat has been so clearly cut from the bone, all that remains are dense shapes and sounds which move towards a new language of luv. Now, speak it with the international order of Dboy scouts.”  

The band will be touring throughout Canada in support of the release, supporting Cancer Bats along the way. Full dates are below, along with the band’s manifesto.

Having already shared the stage with bands like FIDLARThe Flatliners and Single Mothers, Dboy are preparing the release of their second full-length record – a relentless, rollicking assault, a brief but bright manifesto from one of Canada’s most unique bands. New Records in Human Power doesn’t stop for a breath as Dboy crash and burn their way through 17 minutes of blistering punk. 

Spurred on by the international and collective arm of the ever-expanding Order of Dboy Scouts, and in reaction to the steady and systematic degradation of aestheticism and inauthenticity, Dboy continue to deny the boredom and light of the four minute song. Instead, the collective opts to present short plays for the pace age.

As has become the norm, Dboy’s aesthetic existentialism is at the centre of all, bringing flavour to bleak climes and texture to broken canvases. However, this is not to push towards any need for explanation. Instead, New Records in Human Power holds the non-sequitor high above all else, and leaves nothing on the table. In twelve songs, and under twenty minutes, Dboy accomplish what so few bands can: the end of creative comatose, and a new, necessary standard.

New Records In Human Power will be released via Dine Alone Records on February 14th. It is available for preorder here.