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FIGHTMILK Check The Ex On Breakup Anthem New Single ‘Hey Annabelle!’

8th June 2021

London’s FIGHTMILK are pleased to reveal storming new breakup anthem single ‘Hey Annabelle!’ which is released on 23rd April 2021 on all good DSPs.

Stream and share:  https://ffm.to/12kdwyj

‘Hey Annabelle!’ is the latest single to be taken from the band’s forthcoming second album Contender. Released 14th May 2021 via independent record label Reckless Yes, the record will be available on cream/smoked vinyl and ‘lucky dip’ eco vinyl, CD, and digital.

Written in a flat share in Holloway, London in January 2020 and fuelled by excessively strong coffee, Japanese punk pop, and ‘60s girl groups during a week-long bout of insomnia, it’s an anthem for those times we’ve all asked a mutual friend how an ex is doing, and secretly hoped they’re as miserable as you. PREACH.

“Putting the ‘angry’ in ‘Shangri-La’s’, this is arguably our pettiest song,” explain the band with a wry smile. “‘Hey Annabelle!’ is about that very specific thing you do when you’ve split up with someone and part of moving on entails just very casually asking mutuals what they’re up to and, more importantly, whether they’re also miserable. And also subtly encouraging those mutuals to get the hell out of Dodge too. There’s probably a German word for it. There’s definitely a real Annabelle—as with a disturbing number of Fightmilk songs, this is a true story—but there’s also a 98% chance she’ll never know this song exists.”

With recent single ‘Overbite’ drumming up support from Louder Than War, God Is In The TV, For The Rabbits, The Punk Site, Spectral Nights, Get In Her Ears and more, the new album has seen the band step things up a gear, turning further heads at press including The Line of Best, DIY, VISIONS, HARD BEAT, and Scootering Magazine to date.

The band’s album tour plans remain on hold for the time being due to COVID, but Contender can wait no longer, and will be released on 14 May 2021 via Reckless Yes.