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FIGHTMILK Reveal Details Of COVID-Delayed Second Album Contender

2nd March 2021

Following delays due to COVID-19, London’s FIGHTMILK are delighted to finally announce details of their forthcoming second album Contender, with a release date of 14th May 2021 via independent record label Reckless Yes on cream/smoked vinyl and ‘lucky dip’ eco vinyl, CD, and digital.

Listen and share: https://ffm.to/nkpp3ny / https://ffm.to/xzenrlx

The band recently revealed the first taste of the record with AA side lead single ‘If You Had A Sister…’ / ‘I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space’ which is out now and available to stream on all good digital platforms.
Commenting on the tracks, vocalist/guitarist Lily said: “‘If You Had a Sister…’ is a bit slower and quieter than the fast guitar pop of the last album, and it’s about all kinds of dark things—but if there was ever a time for songs you can do ominous slow dancing to, it’s now.”

“I was inspired to write ‘…Space’ by watching someone who keeps loudly proclaiming they’re going to save humanity and change the world constantly make excuses for why they haven’t got round to it. It’s largely about emotional labour and rockets and I’m dead proud of it.”

While the band planned to take their time crafting forthcoming second album Contender, they hadn’t factored in a global pandemic and the delays it would cause. Marking a maturing of their sound the record also sees a step-change in their writing and recording, as they welcomed new member Healey (formerly of Wolf Girl) on bass, and took a more collaborative approach than past efforts.

“LP2 is shaping up to be all the things I like about the first record, blown up by about a thousand,” enthuses guitarist/vocalist Alex. “‘…Space’ is a pretty good idea of what that sounds like in practice—poppier, sweeter, and more dramatic in all the right places, roughed up a bit by some exceptionally angry guitars.”
Like the writing process, recording also took more time, again thanks to Covid-19. Recorded in two sessions a year apart at Dean Street Studios in London, the band saw plans for a UK tour suddenly pulled as the release of the first single from the record, ‘I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space’, coincided with the first lockdown in March 2020.

While waiting to be able to return to the studio and complete work on the project, the band took creative detours throughout 2020 with home-recorded Christmas (Fightmilk and Cookies) and cover (The FME EP) EPs raising money for Girls Rock London and The Trussell Trust
Tour plans may remain on hold for the time being but now Contender can wait no longer, and will be released on 14 May 2021 via Reckless Yes.

Contender tracklist:
1. (contender)
2. Lucky Coin
3. Hey Annabelle!
4. I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space
5. The Absolute State Of Me
6. Girls Don’t Want To Have Fun
7. Cool Cool Girl
8. (tender)
9. Banger #4
10. If You Had A Sister…
11. You Are Not The Universe
12. Maybe
13. (bartender)
14. Overbite