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GET WRONG (feat. members of Martha & The Spook School) Announce Self-Titled EP

21st September 2023

Indie-synth-pop newcomers Get Wrong—the new project from Naomi Griffin (Martha) and Adam Todd (The Spook School)— are delighted to announce their debut self-titled EP which is set for release on 1st December 2023 via Father/Daughter (US) and Alcopop! (UK).

There’s no such thing as a DIY supergroup. By their very nature, proper DIY bands tend to be far too self-deprecating to allow it. If there were though, synthpop duo Get Wrong would be as close as dammit to being one of the very finest, bringing together members of Martha and The Spook School—two vital bands who have inflamed passions, won hearts, changed minds, and toured a bevy of hits over many a year.

The duo’s forthcoming EP was produced, recorded, and mixed by Peter Brewis and mastered by David Brewis, both of the band Field Music, at FMHQ in Sunderland, and lead single ‘It’s So Easy’ is out now on all good streaming platforms.

Complete with a lyric video directed by Nathan Stephens-Griffin, Todd says of the single: “I wanted to explore the joy you can get from the mundane when you’re in the company of people that you love. It’s not necessarily about romantic love, but close friendships of the kind where you don’t need to try at all. You can just exist in each other’s company. I think playing in a band and touring gives quite a unique opportunity to experience these kinds of moments in adult life. Spending literally all of your waking hours in the company of your closest friends.”

Get Wrong is a somewhat long-distance collaboration, with Griffin based in Durham, England and Todd based in Glasgow, Scotland. With a shared background in the UK indie pop/punk scene, the two friends decided to embrace their love of pop music and create songs outside their usual comfort zone of chugging guitars and squealing feedback. The resulting output draws inspiration from ‘80s synth-pop alongside current pop megastars, with an approach that embraces fun, cuteness, intimacy and dream-like nostalgia.

Taken from the North-East English colloquialism for getting into trouble, the band name Get Wrong serves as a mission statement to encourage child-like naivety while questioning the status quo. This pair are just getting started. Let them into your hearts, and you’ll be justly rewarded.

Debut EP Get Wrong is released on 1st December 2023