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Heavy Post-Rock Newcomers LONESOME Reveal ‘Be Strong’ Video

16th May 2019

Heavy post-rock newcomers LONESOME are pleased to share their latest track ‘Be Strong’ which is streaming now exclusively via Dreambound YouTube channel and has racked up over 17,000 views in just a few short days.

Watch it HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnhocdLqKz4

Directed by vocalist Jay Kerr-Gray, the video is a minimal affair that directly links to the concept of the record, and is a prequel to the music video for previously-released lead single ‘In The Heart You Have’.

“The idea behind the video is deliberately very simple,” says Kerr-Gray. “A man is writing a letter by candle light in a dimly lit room. We wanted the video to be very obscure, with little context as to what the letter is about, and who the man writing the letter is.”

The track is the latest to be taken from their debut EP, To Myself, From Myself, which is out now. The band play a special EP release show on Saturday 4th May at Met Lounge in their home town of Peterborough.

“For me, lyrically, this is probably the most positive song on the whole record,”says Kerr-Gray. “I know that I interpret this particular song quite differently to everyone else in the band which is quite cool.”

“The ending is probably the heaviest part of the whole record and to me it seems quite minor,” adds keyboard player Will Cooper, “but I know Jay sees it as a quite energetic section. It is quite uplifting, especially when the lead comes in after the chords, but the start to me is really dark and then suddenly the light is brought back with the next riff.”

A five-piece band from Peterborough, UK, Lonesome create a very particular brand of post-rock which ebbs and flows—between ethereal ambient sections and huge crescendos; from swelling harmonies to heart-rending screams.

“We try and take the listener on a journey through our songs,” says bassist Chris Roberts, “and with that comes the big epic parts, and the quiet melodic parts. Hopefully that journey sparks some emotion.”

To Myself, From Myself is the band’s debut EP and has picked up a host of early praise and support from alternative press including Discovered Magazine, Already Heard, Dead Press!, Bring The Noise, Punktastic, BBC Introducing, Total Rock and more.

Lonesome live:

04.05.19 – Peterborough – Met Lounge (EP release show)