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HOLYGOOD Question Rock’s Relevance On Cathartic New Single ‘Bath Salts’ Out Now

8th January 2021

London’s HOLYGOOD (formerly known as Light You Up) are pleased to kick off their 2021 with brand new single ‘Bath Salts’ out now on all good DSPs.

The track is the follow up to their 2020 single ‘Killing Giants’, which is the title track from their forthcoming new EP Killing Giants set for release on 22nd January 2021.

Watch the official video here: https://youtu.be/Q97kZ7jrfvE

Commenting on the track’s poignant theme, with many artists wondering where they belong in a rapidly changing COVID world, front man Thomas Napier said: “‘Bath Salts’ is a look at my place in the modern world as an artist. ‘Rock and roll died and I survived, am I flirting with danger, maybe social suicide? I feel a disconnect, I don’t know what you want. I could always conform but I think that isn’t much fun’—is there still a place in contemporary music for my art or is it something that belongs in times gone by?”

“It was such a fun video to direct and shoot,” he continues. “We filmed it last year on location at a house in Surrey. The concept of the video was to take the viewer on a wacky visual acid trip to accompany the song, with each scene shot in a different room of the house, but made to feel like you’re somewhere else entirely. I hope we achieved that!”

Produced and mixed by Evil Genius and front man Thomas Napier, and mastered by EC Mastering, the single is another look at the quartet’s bold and forward-thinking new approach, pushing at the boundaries of their pop-rock sound in a post-genre world.

Following on from a string of standalone singles released over the past two years, the forthcoming EP is the first collection of songs that the band will be releasing in 2021, ahead of plans to release an album’s worth of material as singles later in the year.

Dealing with a particularly difficult patch of negative emotion for Napier, the EP serves as a cathartic release for the band, and a chance to focus on the future by releasing those feelings into the world. “Far too often we shy away from our own negativity,” he explains, “almost as if we are afraid of it. These songs allowed me to face my own negative thoughts head on.”

Whether it’s examining their place in the modern world on ‘Bath Salts’ or lamenting missed chances and lost connections on ‘Moving Mountains’, Killing Giants is a record about self-acceptance, confronting your own shortcomings and failures, and picking yourself up and moving on.

New EP Killing Giants is released 22nd January 2021