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MARIGOLDS Norwich Indie/Emo Newcomers Release New Single ‘Nerves’

29th April 2019

Norwich indie/emo quintet MARIGOLDS are pleased to reveal their new single ‘Nerves’ which is out now via Beth Shalom Records, their second for the label.

In their few short years together, Marigolds have so far released two stand alone singles—’Short Shorts’ (2016) and ‘Slept Out’ (2018)—and their 2017 debut EP Asleep In The Sun. With the five piece describing their genre as “summer”, and their music as “colourful waves of sound”, you’d actually be hard-pressed to paint a better picture of what to expect from their up-tempo and positive melange of influences, but we’ll give it a go.

With one foot planted firmly in the indie and folk world of layered guitars and complex, intertwined melodies, the band marry an ambitious, experimental edge with a sumptuous and lush wash of emo and shoegaze influences, resulting in a sun-soaked, hazy sound that provides the perfect pillow for keyboard player Lydia White’s gorgeous vocal.

As songwriter Joe Maguire explains, new single ‘Nerves is all about “the pangs of being homesick and missing interactions you used to have—how simple everything used to be.” However, in the same breath, ‘Nerves’ deals with the realisation that situations can change over time, and as people, so do we.

“It was written from an existential place of worry,” continues Maguire. “I just felt extremely irrelevant and everything that used to define my identity had worn away. I wanted to tackle longing to be remembered and perceived in a certain way, and the realisation that that is such an unhealthy way to live.”

If there’s a key takeaway from ‘Nerves’ then, it’s that we should always try to live our lives with an internal focus on self-evaluation, as Maguire rounds off; “From personal experience, if your internal dialogue is shaped around other people having to think of you in a particular light, this can be a pathway to low self-esteem.”

And if there’s one thing Marigolds’ music is about, it’s about positive energy, and spreading that good vibration as far and wide as possible.

‘Nerves’ is released April 26th via Beth Shalom Records

Marigolds live dates:

17.05.19 – Norwich – Karma Kafe
07.06.19 – London – The Monarch (w/ Petlib + Americansignlanguage)