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NELSON CAN Reveal 6 Volume Open Source Remix Album Series

26th June 2020

Earlier this year, members of Danish trio Nelson Can announced that after 9 years as a band, they would step down after the release of their last album, So Long Desire, on Alcopop! Records. 

However, they’ve not disappeared completely off the radar… 

In May 2020, they made all the production stems from their last album freely available on their website, and launched the open source remix project Solo Desire: Remixed Together.

In just 14 days, the band received remixes from over 60 different artists across 3 different continents, including notable submissions from Danish artists BRAVOUR, Colorblind, Spring & I, Victor Solomon, Yo Akim, O / RIOH and Vakle, and the UK’s Ricardo Autobahn and LibraLibra.

Stream & purchase HERE

“I think the whole idea from Nelson Can’s side of this project is so good, and it was super fun and interesting to dive into their tracks and sounds,” says Nicolaj Rasted aka BRAVOUR, whose remix of ‘I Used To Sleep Through Everything’ is featured on Volume 1.

Commenting on the remix, he says: “I wanted to cultivate that feeling of frustration and extreme fatigue that tear on you when you’re not getting any sleep. In addition, I symbolically set the pace at 112 bpm—a little bonus info for nerds like myself.”

Originally, the plan was to release all the remixes together, but that had to be re-evaluated by the band when they saw just how many contributions they had received. Instead, the remixes have been divided into six albums, broken down by genre and vibe. The albums will be released every two weeks during the summer, from 19th June to 28th August 2020.

“The purpose of doing an open source remix project was to allow other artists to leverage our material to generate extra income for themselves, in a year that is otherwise financially tough for many artists due to COVID-19,” explains bass player Signe SigneSigne.

In collaboration with the band’s UK record label Alcopop! Records, Nelson Can will cover the cost of mastering and promoting the albums, while providing 50% in royalties to the remix artists for streams, downloads and any potential syncs.

“We wanted to show a constructive approach to how musicians can share our creative resources with each other—not just in times of crisis, but in general,” elaborates vocalist Selina Gin.

Through this project, the band hope to encourage other artists to be more open in general to sharing their resources with one another.  “For example, you can do something as simple as give other musicians shout outs on your Instagram profile, and in this way share access to their following. It actually means a lot when we give each other recognition in that way,” explains drummer Maria Juntunen.

Vol 1. Chill Beats tracklisting:

  1. Kasper Grønkjær – No Longer Afraid @kasperg_music
  2. BRAVOUR – I Used To Sleep Through Everything @nicolajrasted AND @bravourmusic
  3. waants – I Wanna Be With You @waantsmusic
  4. Apparition – No Longer Afraid @genfaerdmusic
  5. Kara Moon – Limelight @karamoonmusic
  6. Marcus Elkjer – So Long Desire @marcuselkjer
  7. Mono Mono – Ambitious @monomonodk
  8. Mars Machine – No Longer Afraid @marsmachinemusic
  9. Rome in Reverse – Limelight @romeinreverse
  10. O / Rioh – Ambitious @oslashrioh
  11. 105ft High – I Wanna Be With You @ 105fthigh
  12. S1L3NCE – Limelight

Release schedule:

Vol. 1 / Chill beats – released June 19 pre-save link
Vol. 2 / Synthesized – Released July 3rd pre-save link
Vol. 3 / Tech Beats – Releases July 17 pre-save link
Vol. 4 / Electricks – Released July 31 pre-save link
Vol. 5 / Eclectro – Released August 14 pre-save link
Vol. 6 / Dream Waves – Released August 28 pre-save link