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Norway’s DIVEST Announce New EP Mercury Retrograde

10th June 2021

Oslo, Norway-based band Divest are pleased to announce that their new EP Mercury Retrograde will be released on 11th June 2021 via Norwegian independent label Sellout! Music (Beezewax, Pelicat).

Listen and share: https://youtu.be/lChyW7Hrj_I

Lead single ‘By My Side’ is the first taste of the record, released on 21st May 2021 and available on all good digital service providers.

Fronted by long time friends, collaborators, and songwriting duo Andreas Heinesen Kase and Hans-Ole Sponberg Larsen, the band are riding a wave of positivity from their first string of singles, playlisted on Norwegian national radio before the first single was even officially released in 2019. 

The band released their debut album Time Well Spent in 2020, a rather unfortunate year for their first record but, staying true to the ethos of their debut album, the band have indeed spent their time since well—writing, producing and recording two new EPs to be released in 2021. 

First up is four track marvel Mercury Retrograde, which sees the band pool their influences from classic rock bands such as The Who, Queen, and The Beatles, and blending it with the vibe of contemporary acts like Johnny Lloyd and The National, and producer Shawn Everett’s work with bands like The Voidz, Vampire Weekend, and HAIM.

While their previous releases have been more streamlined, this EP sees the band broaden their artistic expression, moving from genre to genre.

“The EP covers a wide array of different genres, due to experimenting with our instruments and equipment,” says singer Andreas Heinesen Kase. “We treat the studio as a playground where we do what we want and never limit ourselves musically. The “Ableton Push 2” was a key tool on these songs, recording part by part and looping several sections of the songs.”

Even though the songs are all quite different, they all circle around the concept of Mercury Retrograde, as Kase elaborates: “Mercury Retrograde is an EP made up of four quite different songs about loneliness, despair, missteps and hope. All of the songs were written in a period of Hans-Ole’s life where things tended to go a bit sour.”

“In a random conversation with two Polish twin sisters, Hans-Ole was made aware of the concept of Mercury Retrograde. Retrograde movement is when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from earth. Believers in the power of Mercury Retrograde blame the phenomenon for everything from car crashes to arguments during this time.”

Even though the theme may seem sombre, the four track EP is anything but. There’s an arch of hope towering over the songs, from opening track ‘By My Side’ to closing track ‘Something’s About to Change’—and after the past year we probably all need to feel Andreas Heinesen Kase triumphant refrain: “I feel like something’s about to change.”

Mercury Retrograde is released 11th June 2021 via Sellout! Music