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PAVE THE JUNGLE Bare Frustrating Limitations Of Illness On New Single ‘Fix’

11th September 2020

Rising Newcastle alt-rock newcomers PAVE THE JUNGLE are pleased to unveil the latest single from their forthcoming debut EP The Hissing, which is set for release on 9th October 2020 via Cow House. 

Following on from previously-released singles ‘Ants’ and ‘Habitual Thinker’latest offering ‘Fix’ is out now and available on all good digital service providers.

Listen and share: https://smarturl.it/v64umg

Another deeply personal and perhaps timely piece of songwriting from front woman Rachael Whittle, the single examines the frustrations that can come from the limitations placed on us all during periods of ill health.

“Around the time of writing this song I was having some testing health issues,” she explains. “The lyrics confront the frustration and friction this was causing. ‘White door locked grows smaller every day’ refers to the overwhelming feeling that leaving the house would result in something awful happening. I was struggling badly with dizziness and it was hard to walk anywhere; I felt like I was on a boat. Out at sea with no land in sight.” 

Influenced by the likes of Manchester Orchestra, the finished article is a heavy rock song, but not overt or abrasive in any way. “Above all it needed to reflect the pensive state I was in at the time of writing,” continues Whittle, “something Andy Hull & co. do so brilliantly.”

Produced by Chris McManus of Newcastle Upon Tyne’s Blank Studios (Pigsx7, Richard Dawson), Whittle says that ‘Fix’ was a tough one to nail in the studio partly “because there’s much more instrumentation than I would usually write. Trying to get these more intricate parts placed correctly, so they could all be heard but weren’t overpowering one-another, was new to us.”

“Chris at Blank Studios did a great job though, across the whole EP. Right now we’re in the process of planning our next project—I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to apply all the stuff we learned about capturing songs like this one!”

Pave The Jungle were set to appear at Newcastle’s Hit The North Festival alongside DMA’sPale Waves and The Amazons in October, of this year now pending rescheduled dates.

Debut EP The Hissing is released 9th October 2020