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Peterborough Post-Rock Newcomers LONESOME Announce Debut EP

13th March 2019

Post-rock newcomers LONESOME are pleased to announce details of their debut EP, To Myself, From Myself, which is set for release on 26th April 2019.

Commenting on the video, the band said: “Really, the video takes up the core theme of the album: that dark feeling that’s always lurking inside everyone. Some people learn to deal with it and some people let it get on top of them. We want to leave it open for interpretation, as it will always mean something different to every individual person.”

A five-piece band from Peterborough, UK, Lonesome create a very particular brand of post-rock which ebbs and flows—between ethereal ambient sections and huge crescendos; from swelling harmonies to heart-rending screams. “We try and take the listener on a journey through our songs,” says bassist Chris Roberts, “and with that comes the big epic parts, and the quiet melodic parts. Hopefully that journey sparks some emotion.”

With their hometown recently voted Worst Place To Live In The UK, the band are quick to jump to its defence, as they explain the influence the city has had on their development: “Contrary to what the national media say, Peterborough is a really diverse city with a massive love for music. There are loads of bands that play there and it does get a good amount of touring bands come through.”

Remoulded from previous outfits, Lonesome’s drastic change in style and approach wasn’t a planned move, but something that developed naturally as they begun the writing process. With vocalist Jay Kerr-Gray driven to use his voice in a more melodic way, that simple change informed their more full-bodied, melody-infused songs, with the addition of an extra guitarist really filling out the sound.

“The passion we all have for doing what we do drives us to make the best music we can, and that’s definitely different to our bands we’ve been in,” says Kerr-Gray of the new project. “We all have massively diverse tastes in music and art. We never try and limit ourselves to listen to one genre and then copy it. What’s the point? It’s been done already. Art is a big part of our ideas process and we’re always trying to think of an out of the box way to present the band.”

At the heart of it, their debut release—To Myself, From Myself—is a concept album. It’s a letter written in a positive state of mind to a younger self, referring back to a point in life where the reader felt trapped and struggled to see a future for themselves. It’s a record full of comfort and promise, from a present self with the experience of getting through the hard times.

“People listen to music for all different reasons, but we want people to listen to our records and feel something real,” continues Kerr-Gray. “We see writing music as a way of helping people with life. Trying to help them out of a dark place. Music is the one thing in the world that can change the mood of anyone. Fans who like your band will listen to your message and take that to heart, and that’s an important thing to think about when you’re making music.”

As for where this fledgling band take things after their debut, they’re certainly not short on ambition. “We want to travel to as many places as possible and get our music out there for everyone to hear,” rounds up Roberts. “We want to have a positive influence of peoples’ lives through our music, and the best way to do that is to get it out to the masses. We’d also love to collaborate and have our music combined with another artform, be it a film or some other media.”

If they have it their way, it sounds like they won’t be lonesome for much longer.

To Myself, From Myself released 26th April 2019