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In the eternal city of Rome, where the whispers of cryptic ecclesiastical hierarchies still linger, Feldspar emerge as a musical enigma, delving into the shadows to unravel—with a certain dose of irony and creativity—the clandestine threads of power. Named after a mineral purportedly worn by a covert Roman clergy, the band consists of six eclectic souls working tirelessly to expose the elusive puppeteers who have shaped the lives of millions of people since the beginning of time.

Formed in late 2023 and based just a literal stone's throw from the Vatican, Feldspar style themselves as the “Godless folk two blocks from the Pope”. With their hardcore roots that also incorporate a myriad of genres and compositional approaches, Feldspar create high-energy music that’s also guaranteed to rattle around inside your head for days.

Their lyrics explore contemporary themes, often rooted in critiquing the mass commercial drift of Western spirituality emanating from the heart of Rome. The band also delve into the psychology of the individual, often transcending into imaginative realms, and champion mental health and adaptability to reality. Environmental concerns—felt to be an urgent civic duty by the band—find a prominent place in Feldspar's lyrical arsenal, and they regularly pay homage to the communities to which they belong, considering themselves an expanded collective with friends and nonconformist artists at its core.

In the intricate dance between sound, vision, and ideology, Feldspar stand as a beacon of authenticity, beckoning the curious to navigate the uncharted waters of their musical world.

Their many collaborators include Chris Wilson, a tattoo artist and illustrator for Combust, Scowl, and many other American hardcore bands, Guido Gazzilli's courageous photography, and Marcello ‘Rise Above’ Crescenzi's mastery of Roman art, whose exquisite illustrations further enrich the tapestry of the band’s creative journey and underscore Feldspar's commitment to a diverse and vibrant artistic community.

Over time, Luca “Solo Macello”, an exceptionally skilled illustrator and collaborator with bands worldwide, joined the fold. His cover for Salmo's latest album, which remained at the top of the charts in Italy for weeks, has become one of the most important artworks in recent discographic history. Most recently recruited is Nicolas Romero, an Argentine painter who, through his work with Feldspar, is exploring uncharted visual universes.