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Johnny Foreigner are a 4 piece indie rock band from the UK's second city. Between 2007 - 2016 they released 5 albums and 7 Eps, starting with DrownedinSound's inaugural Pluto Prize winner, culminating with a final album deep dive on Pitchfork. They toured on 4 continents, received a simultaneous 3/10 and 9/10 for the same record in NME, played every festival except Glastonbury, became just as notorious for their merch line as their DIY ethos.....and proved their many critics wrong by consistently failing to make a career out of it.

They always said they'd reform if they had the songs for it, but they didn't ever actually expect that to happen. They are also obsessively aware how many reunion records miss the mark, and long lost objectivity on this one. As such they eagerly await yr criticism and comment, cushioned by the knowledge they fully exorcised their own ghosts, on their own terms. Thank you for yr time.