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Skate Punk Pioneers BELVEDERE Share New Single ‘Camera Obscura’

8th June 2021

With under a month to go from the release of their forthcoming sixth LPBelvedere have unveiled a powerful new single today titled ‘Camera Obscura’. 

Listen here: https://belv.lnk.to/cameraob

An introspective pause in an album packed full of political convictions and grit, Camera Obscura finds the band pondering morality, legacy and dissecting life’s big questions, as front man Steve Rawles explains:

“Camera Obscura is a story that envisions the end of your life and all the mixed feelings that you could potentially feel right before the final moment.  Did I do enough? Was I good enough for the people around me? Did I make an impact on the world or did I just simply draw from it. Is there anything after this and if so.. why is there rules around following a deity based on others interpretations? Isn’t being moral without religion enough? A collection of thoughts.”

Highly regarded as one of the early pioneers of the melodic punk bracket, ‘Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense’ finds Belvedere at their fiercest, back with a new lineup of members, and a fresh injection of vitality. Set for release 14th May 2021 via Lockjaw Records (UK/Europe) and Thousand Islands Records (CAN/USA) the album is available for pre-order today

Formed in 1995 and originally never even meant to play a live show, the trailblazing foursome from Calgary, Alberta quickly grew a reputation on the underground punk scene for their frantic speed and rich melodies. Taking their name from the ’80s sitcom and influenced by the likes of Bad Religion and NOFX, they released their debut album ‘Because No One Stopped Us’ in 1998, following up with three more full length records over the course of their career, and leading to tours with Bad ReligionStrung OutDeath by StereoMad CaddiesPulleySatanic Surfers and Bigwig and several appearances at Warped Tour and Groezrock Festival.

After cementing their place in the annals of modern punk with four albums, Belvedere called it quits in 2005, before ultimately reuniting for a surprise tour in 2012. Encouraged by the response from fans, they began work on ‘Revenge of the Fifth’, their fifth full-length record released to high acclaim in 2016 after a 12-year hiatus.  Welcomed back with open arms by fans, their anti-comeback led to further excitement with South American tour dates alongside Lagwagon, European tour dates including Manchester Punk Festival, and Groezrock, and shared stages with the likes of NOFX

The forthcoming new album was recorded at Echo Base Studio in Calgary, produced by Casey Lewis and Steve Rawles, and engineered, mixed & mastered by Casey Lewis. The record features guest vocalists Roger Lima (Less Than Jake), Rody Walker (Protest The Hero) and Dylan Toews (Wolfrik).

Each label will be carrying 3 exclusive vinyl variants of the LP and additional merch items including an American Socks partnership (limited run of album-themed socks), a full line of new t-shirt/tank tops, and an album-themed Skateboard Deck are also available here

Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense is released 14th May 2021 via Lockjaw Records (UK/Europe) and Thousand Islands Records (CAN/USA).

Hindsight Is The Sixth Sense artwork:

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