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SNOW COATS Sign To Alcopop! Records For Debut EP Pool Girl

26th June 2020

Alcopop! Records are delighted to announce that they have signed Dutch indie pop quartet SNOW COATS and will release their debut EP Pool Girl on 11th September 2020.

To celebrate the signing, the band have just released the lead single andtitle track ‘Pool Girl’, which is out now on all good digital service providers.

Stream and share: https://backl.ink/142519471

Commenting on the single, vocalist/guitarist Anouk va der Kamp says: “Pool Girl is a song about how I reflect on myself. Some silly things and some more serious. Like my anxieties and how I can panic over the smallest things. I hope that there are people who can relate to my lyrics.”

Completed by bassist Frank Peters and twin brothers Daan (guitar) and Joost Ebbers (drums), the four-piece met while studying music at performing arts school in Arnhem. Snow Coats was formed as a final exam project, but after they graduated the band decided that they loved playing together so much that they would continue writing, and have been best friends ever since.

With most of their material focusing on simple, carefree days with friends—hitting up festivals or even just sitting in a park somewhere—their upbeat music takes on a whole new wistful edge as we roll into a socially-distanced summer. 

“Obviously, I’ve been missing all this a lot cause right now that’s not possible,” says van der Kamp. “Luckily I’ve got some pretty great memories to keep me going! I also write a lot about how I see myself and try to be really honest. It’s a great way to kind of self-reflect, which is something we all have time for at the moment.”

Based in Doetinchem, The Netherlands, Snow Coats released their debut album Take The Weight Off Your Shoulders in the summer of 2018. Artfully self-recorded in their own attic, the record was named as the #1 album of 2018 by highly regarded Dutch alternative pop platform 3voor12Gelderland

“That was a very exciting moment for us because we recorded the songs ourselves,” explains Daan, speaking to DORK Magazine recently ahead of their Homeschool Festival appearance, ”and we also handled the release all by ourselves, typically DIY style. Doing that alone was a bit scary because we had no idea how the release would work out—like, how many people are actually gonna hear our album? Luckily for us, things really started rolling after the album release.”

The album release was followed by an extensive tour of The Netherlands and a 2019 support tour opening for Pinegrove, with word of their sparkling indie pop eventually reaching UK shores and ears in early 2020.

Poised to capitalise on their early success, Snow Coats recently built their own recording studio in Arnhem in order to record their brand new forthcoming EP.

The Pool Girl EP is released on 11th September 2020 via Alcopop! Records


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